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Our Process and Standards


Did you know that hemp is a bioremediator? That means it pulls toxins from the soil. For this reason it is super important to know the soil conditions under which plants are grown. Some companies selling CBD purchase leftover waste from industrial hemp grown throughout the global market in countries such as China, Indonesia, and Europe. They say their material “comes from Europe,” but try asking for a tour of their fields. Organic growing takes more experience. We are proud of our grower’s skills! Every year we are licensed and inspected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We are currently in the process of getting our USDA organic certification.


Commonly used in carbonated beverages, CO2 is a nontoxic and safe way to extract CBD oils. It’s the highest grade production method in the industry, and the only method we use. Other companies use harsh solvents that are hydrocarbon-based propellants such as propane, butane, hexane, and pentane. Or they use ethanol/alcohol mixtures that require additional distillation or purging beyond the extraction process. These methods are cheaper and inferior. CO2 is the most expensive but also the best way to extract oil. No toxins, heavy metals, or hydrocarbon materials ever come into contact with the extracted oils. Because CO2 has a very low boiling temperature, it naturally separates from the extracted oil in much the same way that a soda goes flat. The low temperatures minimize any thermal degradation of the plant material and extracted oil. It is also environmentally friendly.


From plant to bottle, we have full control over the entire production process. We operate an on-premises laboratory staffed with doctorates who are trained in safe handling procedures. This ensures no contamination occurs in the final stages of preparation and bottling, resulting in a pharma-grade product.


We have been selectively breeding our unique strain of hemp for years, developing industry leading CBD concentrations. Our production is clone-only, which means we can deliver a consistency in the product typically unheard of in the industry. Other companies will buy their material from whoever gives them the best deal at the time, meaning they might have a different product every season. Our genetics are only one, always. And they are good. Because of their strength, less extraneous material comes through in the extract. We have complete third-party lab test results showing exactly what is in our products, down to a molecular level. We provide these test results here.


Thanks in large part to our strong genetics, we are able to offer highly concentrated and thus effective oil extracts. Many companies’ highest dosage level is where we start our lowest. Our lowest dosage is 250 mg, going up to as high as 6000 mg. That’s 6,000 mg, with a comma. We are working directly with doctors (mostly in other countries) and continue to learn about what kind of doses might help and for what ailments. Please subscribe to our email updates (below) for incoming news on these issues.

herbal cbd plants

The view inside one of our greenhouses

cbd cultivation

The babies put out in the field.


One of our CO2 extractors.

cbd extracts

A clone.

cbd harvest

The harvest of fully grown plants.