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You can read more about Priya’s cancer journey on www.priyakal.com

Why did we start Curavi Organics?

Read why Priya (wife, mom, entrepreneur & cancer survivor) decided to start Curavi Organics.

At the age of 38, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as you can imagine it’s been a constant journey of self rediscovery since.  After multiple surgeries/ chemotherapy sessions and hormone blockers, I could see the change my body was and is going through. Some of the symptoms that were stopping me from my day to day activities were joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

It was a constant struggle of trial and error of medications to relieve symptoms of one thing that would lead to another. Some of the ailments that I struggled with during this time were acid reflux, constipation and loss of appetite. Psoriasis is another thing I have learnt to deal with my whole life.

I have always opted for natural products before allopathic medicine. So when I heard about CBD, I decided to not only try it out but also educate myself. After testing several different brands and not seeing the benefits I happened to come across one that worked wonders.

Through this education process I learnt that not all CBD is equal. The source and process methodology make a huge difference. 

Through Curavi Organics, I present to you the best possible CBD product in the market today.  Curavi which stems from  Latin and means to heal also gives us the power to make choices that are best for our body.  I am excited to bring to you the highest quality potency CBD out there that is organically grown in Colorado and is pesticide and preservative free.

Thank you for allowing Curavi Organics to be a part of your healing journey.